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Physical Appearance According To Moon Signs

Today we are going to learn about Physical Appearance According To Moon Signs | Personality of an individual is influenced by a Moon Sign (Rashi), approximately 13%-15%. There are many other factors other than just Moon Signs which influence the physical appearance of an individual, which we will be learning in the next coming articles.

General personality of an individual according to 12 Moon Moon Signs

Zodiac Nature:

Zodiac Strength & Weakness:

Mesha (Aries):

Individuals born under Aires sign are influenced by its lord Mangal (Mars). These people have slender and solid body, center stature, neither thick nor strong, rudy complexion, long face and neck, expansive head at the sanctuaries and restricted at the jaw. Ragged eye forehead, harsh or wiry hair. Eyes dim to grayish dark colored.

Vrishabha (Taurus):

Individuals born under Taurus sign are influenced by its lord Shukra (Venus). These individuals are aspiring and adamant, have short to medium stature of expansive brow, plumpy, brilliant eyes, thick and forceful neck, dark hairs, clear composition, very much created body.

Mithun (Gemini):

Individuals born under Gemini sign are influenced by its lord Budh (Mercury). These individuals are tall, upright and slim. Lovely and sharp; moody; however anxious and eager. Admirers of art, travel and creations.

Karka (Cancer):

Individuals born under Cancer sign are influenced by its lord Chandra (Moon). These individuals are of more than average height, propensity to strength and stroll with a moving step. Round face and full cheeks. Short nose however sometimes unmistakable at the tip. Dark or light blue eyes, pale appearance, wide chest and little hands and feet.

Simha (Leo):

Individuals born under Leo sign are influenced by its lord Surya (Sun). These individuals have expansive shoulders, reddish or flowery appearance, huge bones and muscles. Tall, upright abdominal area preferable shaped over lower and thin waste; delicate and wavy hair. Head full measured and round. Full stature and great appearance, forcing, instructing and dignified. Individual will be tall, well assembled and strong Gray, getting and huge gazing eyes.

Kanya (Virgo):

Individuals born under Virgo sign are influenced by its lord Budh (Mercury). These individuals are tall and have dark hair. Bended and hairy eyebrows, thin and high pitched voice and strolls rapidly. Straight nose, seem more youthful than age, straightforward and legitimate articulations of the eyes and excellent blue eyes.

Tula (Libra):

Individuals born under Libra sign are influenced by its lord Shukra (Venus). These individuals have great composition, all around framed body, tall, slim in youth however inclination to heftiness in middle age, smooth, darker to dark hair, blue or dark colored eyes, enthusiastic, parrot like nose round or oval face, bends and forms of body are normal, regularly have dimples, gorgeous effortless and energetic appearance with sweet grin and with appealing face. Almond eyes which talk themselves.

Vrishchik (Scorpio):

Individuals born under Scorpio sign are influenced by its lord Mangal (Mars). These individuals have great identity, proportional body, long hands, stature normal, wide face, ordering appearance, short and wavy hair and solid body. Inclination to forcefulness, regularly square kind of face and strong form of body, and conspicuous foreheads.

Dhanu (Sagittarius):

Individuals born under Sagittarius sign are influenced by its lord Brihaspati (Jupiter). These individuals have a proportional and an all around created body. Tall, thin and large long or oval face, high or ragged eyebrows, long nose, splendid expressive blue or hazel eyes, clear composition. Enchanting appearance, elegant look and attractive figure.

Makar (Capricorn):

Individuals born under Capricorn sign are influenced by its lord Shani (Saturn). These individuals are normally thin and long, long or noticeable nose, thick neck, long jaw, dim or dark hair, thin facial hair, for the most part not exceptionally good looking stature short in early age but rather one develops tall all of a sudden following 16 years old. The constitution enhances with age as it will be thin in early age.

Kumbh (Aquarius):

Individuals born under Aquarius sign are influenced by its lord Shani (Saturn). These individuals are tall with full stature. Solid, well-formed, tendency to heftiness in middle age, great, clear composition, oval face, handsome appearance, darker shade hair, mole or scar on calf-muscles. Fleshy, gorgeous and inviting face.

Meen (Pisces):

Individuals born under Pisces sign are influenced by its lord Brihaspati (Jupiter). These individuals are of short stature, of stout body, short appendages, loaded with meaty face, pale composition, solid and circular shoulders. Enormous and projecting eyes, delicate hair.

So, here I have given some basic knowledge about physical appearance of an individual born under of each Moon Sign.

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