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Body Parts And Diseases Governed By Planets

Today We Are Going To Learn The Body Parts And Diseases Governed By Planets In Astrology. (Part 1)


Each planet governs different body parts. If a certain planet is weak or ill placed in an individual’s birth chart then that individual might have problems/disease related to that specific body part governed by the very planet.

Body Parts And Diseases Governed By The Planets

Today we are going to learn about body parts and diseases governed by the planets Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury:

Planet Sun:

The Sun is the life supplier to our physical bodies and controls the prana or life constrain. The placement of the Sun is essential for general wellbeing as it represents whole constitution of the body. It particularly leads the heart, eyes, upper back and spine, aorta and blood flow. Each heart related issue emerge because of suffering to Sun or its sign Leo, this incorporates expanded heart conditions, palpitations of the heart, cholesterol-related degeneration of the heart, angina, circulatory strain and heart assaults. Back issues, infections of the bone marrow, high fevers and rheumatic fever are related to Sun.

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Planet Moon:

Body parts administered by the Moon are the breasts, stomach, lower ribs, womb, menstrual cycle and lymphatic framework. All the liquid ailments in our body are governed by Moon.

Planet Mars:

Mars is related with our physical and vitality levels. It is the regular significator of muscles; it is the energizer and stimulator of all parts of our bodies. It oversees muscular framework, adrenal and prostate organ, blood – particularly red platelets and along these lines connotes any infection identified with blood issue, for example, iron deficiency, blood harming and so forth. Any sort of blows, cuts, mischance, wounds and surgery are meant by Mars. Cerebral pains including headache migraines, cerebrum fevers and any kind of aggravation, high fever and fast temperature increments are additionally represented by Mars. As Mars likewise controls over the conceptive framework it administers most illnesses identified with them like hemorrhoids, heaps, infections of the regenerative framework, bladder, and venereal sicknesses.

Planet Mercury:

Mercury administers the sensory system, and thusly its arrangement in a natal graph demonstrates all psychological and nerve related issues apprehension, pressure and the failure to unwind. The courier of the divine beings, it is likewise the dispatcher of the sensory system, transferring split second summons all through the body. It administers all the tubing in the body, the channels through which blood, hormones, chemicals and oxygen move. Mercury incompletely runs the hormones administered by the organs in the body. Mercury is included with the part up activity and the pancreatic breakdown of sugar into glucose the measure of hydrochloric corrosive (HCI) in the stomach. This breakdown causes all assimilation related issues, for example, colitis, tooting, indigestion, looseness of the bowels and so on. Mercury is additionally intently connected with the thyroid. Mercury likewise controls the Thiamine or vitamin B-1.

Above I have covered main points related with every planet. In the next chapter, we will learn body parts and diseases governed by the rest 5 planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

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