About Astrologer Shree Darpan Sanjay Shah

My aim is to make people learn astrology and numerology so that one can easily look at the birth charts and find out the problems and predict according to it. I have been studying and consulting astrology since 8 years. I have gained knowledge in Tarot Card reading, Palm reading, Numerology and Angel reading with many other healing techniques such as Reiki, Crystal healing and Meditation. Here I will be trying my best to provide knowledge of Indian Vedic Astrology.

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Iam here to convey a  visionary guidance, mentoring, recommendations and remedies relating to different parts of individuals’ life, including money, job/business, relationships, study, wellbeing, marriage, etc. Regardless of what you need to think about your future, you will get the most trustworthy help from me.


Shree Darpan Sanjay Shah


Gemstones have significant place in Indian Vedic Astrology. Gemstones are utilized from periods of ages to free the issues cussed via planets. In the prior days just the rulers and People with abnormal states used to wear gemstones suggested by Astrologers and have their advantages, however at this point anybody can wear and get the advantages of the gemstones. Wearing gemstones for planetary alleviated today pervasiveness is developing quickly. Since the general population who are holding these pearls are profiting them in each everyday issue regardless of whether advance in Career, Education, Health act diamonds are imperative in vedic astrology. presently a days from the Bollywood to industrialist everybody is exploiting gemstones.